Micro Plates 96-Well

  • made from carefully selected polystyrene, crystal clear

  • different well-types for different applications

  • safe stacking, no danger of slipping

  • appropriate gripping surfaces at the side

  • frosted surface of the plates prevents errors from extraneous light

  • alpha-numerical well identification for easy sample location

  • space for marking on the side surface

  • covers with condensation-rings to avoid medium-losses and uneven evaporation

  • lid orientation corners reduce risk of cross-contaminations


  • no edges, therefore simple and clean to pipette into
  • for +/– evaluations
  • especially suitable for agglutination-tests


  • Bespecially good for releasing the „last drop“ from the pipette
  • for +/– evaluations
  • suitable for storage of samples


  • for precise optical measurements
  • for microscopic applications (Bottom Reading)
  • rims at the bases prevent a scuffing of the optical surface
REFMaterialWellVolumen (µl)DescriptionPackaging (bag/ctn)
05-011-0100PS96 U345standard hygienic5/100
05-021-0100PS96 V335standard hygienic5/100
05-031-0100PS96 F405standard hygienic5/100
05-041-0100PS96cover, standard hygienic5/100