Internal standards as basis and motivation

We differentiate ourselves – through excellent product quality, outstanding customer support and special service. Because we see ourselves as a constructive
partner. Identifying opportunities, responding with agility to changes, pooling resources and purposefully improving potentials: we are constantly working to expand our capabilities while taking your specific requirements into consideration.

Because the demands you place on us make us more effective.

Boettger as a company is synonymous with:

  • credibility and integrity
  • ambitious goals without complacency
  • striving for constant improvement
  • punctual delivery of perfect quality
  • fast and dedicated service

“Paul Boettger GmbH & Co. KG is a family business that is now being run by the third generation. The history of the firm goes back more than 100 years, during which time it has developed into an ultra-modern and highly-innovative company.
A combination that benefits you, our customers, firstly because of the ongoing, technological progress, ultimate product quality and forward-looking company management and secondly, through streamlined structures, short distances and practised customer-orientation.

Important and traditional values such as fairness, frankness and personal contact with our customer, are always at the forefront of our activities, so that together we can find the perfect solutions.
You are right to have confidence in us: Our expertise, flexibility and reliability are valuable capital and we are making it work for you, in order to establish a lasting partnership – for your success and for your satisfaction!”

Dr. Peer Biendl, Management

Boettger – customer focus, product competence

Because producing and delivering are not the end of the story: we strive for an intensive dialogue and exchange of experience with you to get even closer to the market and be able to constantly optimise and adapt our processes.

  • open, rapid communication and willingness to talk
  • easy access to your known and consistent contact
  • quick order processing with ongoing information feedback
  • individual consideration of customer needs with constructive solution proposals
  • competence in all product matters and provision of appropriate information
  • incorporation of constant product improvements after feedback from our customers

Made in Germany puts us a step ahead

With our location in Germany we ensure the customerorientated development of individual solutions and profit from short distances, know-how and the reliability of our suppliers.
The intensive dialogue with our customers enables continuous optimisation of our production processes:

  • quick decisions to expand capacity with increasing demand
  • constant modernisation and use of the latest production technologies
  • ongoing optimisation of workflow management

Innovative and flexible, down to earth and cosmopolitan: we face the challenges.

Boettger – quality to the highest degree

To be better means to do more.

Through strategic investment and constant adjustment to dynamic technical changes, Boettger has become one of the leading companies in its special field, thin-wall injection moulding in large batches.

The focus of our production is in laboratory and medical plastic parts. This sensitive area in particular requires totally hygienic environments and smooth production processes. Using modern process-controlled production technology, robotic automation and computer integration, we achieve optimal, efficient manufacturing processes.

The use of modern technology is, however, only a means to an end: the final decision is always made by humans. Only once we are satisfied after intensive quality control checks, you get an ideal product. To meet the requirements for the quality of all products, we produce according to a precisely defined quality assurance system with prompt follow-up checks. This system fully complies with DIN EN ISO 13485.

Ultimately you decide what quality is: The high expectations of our customers are our benchmark for ourselves and our work. Cost control and optimal pricing are as important to us as top quality. Here lies the key to long-term, trusting customer relationships.

Satisfying our customers is the purpose of all our actions, and their success is our success!

Boettger – all working together

Promoting individuality, demanding performance

Reliability, quality and outstanding performance are the result of the productive interaction of all individuals. An important part of Boettger’s corporate philosophy is the long-term, consistent cooperation with a proven team of highly qualified employees:

  • Only qualified, loyal and motivated professionals work for us.
  • Competent behaviour and the ability to make independent decisions with the help of in-depth knowledge distinguish our team.
  • Our employees treat our customers as the actual employers and always behave in an entrepreneurial manner.
  • Customer satisfaction remains the top priority in the work of each individual.

Our employees work for mutual success. They identify themselves with the products and goals of the company.

„All together“

For the solution of the demands placed on us with regard to quality, innovation, flexibility and speed we make use of a well-functioning network of reliable suppliers with whom we maintain fair and intensive cooperation:

  • exclusive use of high-quality materials and modern production technology
  • long-term business contacts with a small selection of efficient suppliers

Together we are preparing the way forward.

Boettger – committed to environmental protection

We are a company that puts its products at the service of people’s health and wellbeing. Environmental protection therefore plays a key role in our daily work.

Our headquarters is located in the Bavarian Forest, a holiday and recreation area. Here environmental protection is subject to particularly stringent regulations. Our environmentally friendly production easily complies with all legal requirements for the protection of nature. We are thus actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Ecologically sound production also includes optimised, process-controlled manufacturing to ensure the minimum possible discharge of pollutants. Constant checks, regular measurements and certification according to DIN EN ISO 13485 together with our participation in the „Environmental Pact of Bavaria“ demonstrate our active contribution to the protection of nature and the preservation of our habitat.

Boettger – proven in the international market

We always demand the exceptional of ourselves. Our high standards for our own work have made us a reliable supplier and secured us an outstanding position in international competition for many years.

Sales partners in over 50 countries contribute to this success. Our market has long been the entire world, and exports have become an increasingly important factor in the dynamic development of the company.

Boettger – our location in the heart of Europe

Our location Bodenmais is in the centre of the triangle formed by the cities of Munich – Prague – Vienna.
The excellent infrastructure ensures that your products reach you easily, quickly and on schedule.

There is no way is too far for you as our customer!