Mailing / Transport Containers for Diagnostic Samples

  • corresponding to P650, ADR (with insert)

  • optimal protection through cylindrical design

  • absorbent paper insert easy to change, multiple-use very simple

  • absorbent paper insert surrounds sample container and provides additional protection

  • mailing containers Ø 30 mm fits into current mailboxes with 35 mm-wide slot

  • mailing containers 44/114 mm suitable, for example for mailing common culture mediums e.g. Uricult

  • mailing containers 30/126 mm with cap REF 08-145-0000 suitable for Port-a-Cul

  • please note: transport tubes and screw caps have to be ordered separate

Examples of appropriate Sample Containers:
REFMaterialColourSize (mm)Volume (ml)DescriptionPackaging (bag/ctn)
08-013-0000PPnatural30/8540universal container500/500
08-013-0500with insert
08-013-0600with insert „Biohazard“
08-023-0000PPnatural30/12660universal container300/300
08-023-0500with insert
08-023-0600with insert „Biohazard“
08-033-0000PPnatural44/114120universal container250/250
08-033-0500with insert
08-033-0600with insert „Biohazard“